The Different Expressions of Music

Something that people struggle with in the world today is self expression. It seems as if people bottle up their personal feelings inside and just go along with what their friends or people they respect are into. People do not realize how many forms of self expression there really are. Honestly, any type of hobby can be considered a form of self expression.

Every person is different, therefore; every person will express them self in a different form. A form of self expression that many people connect with, without even realizing, is music. A person does not have to be a singer nor any type of musician to have the ability to connect with the great art of music. Every piece of music is a beautiful creation. There is no right or wrong way to create or listen to music.

There are so many different types of music to choose from. Usually, a person develops music tastes from their parents, a respectable family member, or a legal guardian as a young child or they may get into music on their own. Either way, there is a genre of music for almost everyone out there. Most of the time, people listen to the genre of music they feel that they connect with. That person or people may feel as if that certain genre of music somehow expresses how they feel inside or it may express how that person or people want to feel.

If a person is more subtle, kind, and sweet they may listen to genres like Classical, Jazz, or maybe even Gospel. Classical music usually does not have many vocals, but many beautiful instruments, that when played together, create a whimsical symphony full of sweet sounds. The musical stylings of Jazz are usually a little more laid back and full smooth beats that are known to stimulate a person’s mind. The instruments used in Jazz music are normally different types of brass horns, percussion, and other types of low noted string instruments like a Double Bass. Gospel music, however; does not always please every audience, but it is known to be very inspiring and also uplifting to some people.

The Gospel music audience normally claims that this type of music may give people a sense of hope or empowerment. Now, not all people like music that’s too happy per say. Some people like happy music with a twist of sad and discouragement involved. These types of people may listen to the genres of Pop or Rock. Currently in the United States of America, Pop music is one of the most purchased genres of music.

There are always new Pop artists making their debut and adding their twist to the music world. A reason for Pop music being so popular may be because there is no typical mood to it. Pop music can be happy, sad, angry, or any type of mood imaginable. On the other hand, Rock music has been around for a long time and also can have the same effects on people as Pop music does. The difference between Rock and Pop is that Rock music tends to be a little more loud and consists of many different musical instruments.

Lastly, there are always the people that like to have a little more fun and maybe even dance to music rather than emotionally connect with it. These types of people usually listen to the genres of Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Electronic, or Techno. Rap, Hip-Hop, and R&B are very similar in most ways and sometimes people cannot tell them apart. These genres are full of a catchy instrumental background beats and consist of more fun and sometimes even sexual type lyrics. Electronic and Techno music are very similar as well.

The only difference is Electronic music consists of more beats, while Techno music has more vocals. Both genres are fun to dance to and can get anyone into a party mood. Aside from all the genres described, there are so many more genres that people listen to and love. Music truly can bring people together and allow people to express themselves. Tons of different genres of music are out there for any type of person to discover. Music is a perfect form of self expression for almost any type of person. The world truly would not be the same without music.